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foot and ankle products

Your partner in preventive and postoperative care

Diabetes and Wound Care, Trauma and Sports Care

"Every 15 seconds somewhere in the world a foot and ankle specialist prescribes a DARCO product."

 - Darrel Darby, global CEO DARCO International

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DARCO Quality - Since 1985!
(MedSurg Original Healing Shoe)

DARCO is an international medical group operating worldwide as one of the leading manufactures of orthopedic foot and ankle products such as cast boots, walkers, postoperative shoes and off-loading solutions. DARCO also offers orthopedic foot wear for the diabetic and solutions in the area of sports medicine as well as physiotherapy.

"One step ahead" DARCO concentrates on developing the most effective orthotics for the wrist and ankle joints by using the latest technologies in manufacturing and materials. In addition, DARCO offers elastic tapes for kinesiology, standard tapes for sports and therapeutic socks.

DARCO now operates the manufacturing of the Original MECRON product line. Our dedication to postoperative and posttraumatic care now includes splints and bandages for limbs and torso. The MECRON name has international recognition and a reputation for quality and comfort, designed to maintain and restore the function of the entire musculoskeletal system.

As your experienced and strong partner, it is our goal to provide you with the very best. If you have any questions or recommendations please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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Representing state-of-art technology

Close cooperation with leading specialists worldwide

Our R&D team consisting of orthopedic technicians and product designers focuses on the development of new products representing state-of-art technology in close cooperation with leading medical specialists and physiotherapists.

DARCO - Innovation in Foot Care Technology DARCO is specifically involved in promoting and expanding existing knowledge as well as organizing multiple further training opportunities which include workshops, congresses, symposiums and exhibitions. In the past years this has become a source of information for medical specialists and a platform for mutual exchange. DARCO's close cooperation with foot surgery specialists around the world, international medical associations and biomechanical institutes is the basis for innovative product research and development providing outstanding efficiency and ensuring highest quality standards for our products. This is the way we include practical know-how and modern technology in our product design and how we remain standing firmly on our own two feet.

foot and ankle products

Orthopedic devices and shoes by DARCO

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