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Cast Boot Pediatric

Pediatric Cast Boot used over a fiberglass- or zinc cast
as well as tape- and wound dressings

Cast Boot Pediatric Pediatric Cast Boot used over a fiberglass- or zinc cast as well as tape- and wound dressings

2 Sizes: XS (up to 20), S (21 - 22)

Colour: Coloured

design can be varied

Orthopaedic Shoes, Orthopedic devices, Ankle Brace, Orthosis, Tapes


›  for use over a fibreglass or zinc cast


›  ideal protection for the cast from wear and tear
›  ergonomically designed to facilitate a correct walking pattern
›  friendly rounded sole profile


›  can be worn on the right and left
Diabetes, Woundcare, preventive care, ankle orthosis, orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic devices


The Cast Boot Pediatric is a cheerful cast boot for children optimizing the children'sgait physiologically by its rounded sole and protecting the cast or bandage from getting dirty.

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Further Information:

Download: User Manual Cast Boot Pediatric Kindergipsschuh (PDF)
Download: Catalogue "Orthopaedic Kids Care" (PDF)
Download: DARCO Product Catalogue "Orthopaedic Devices and Shoes" (PDF)

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