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Body Armor® Heel Reliever
Heel Protector

Effective pressure relief in the heel area for supine patients

Effective pressure relief in the heel area for supine patients - Diabetes and Woundcare, Heel Protector Body Armor Heel Reliever

For the prevention and healing of heel pressure ulcers as well as diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus

Heel opening for visual control of correct heel suspension

For supine patients

Customisable for appropriate therapy


Colour: Grey-Blue

Size: Universal
(25 - 54 cm calf circumference,
up to shoe size 47)

Can be worn on the right or left foot

Flexible size adjustment (Flexible-Flap-Design) Orthopaedic Device, Easy to cut to size for individual adjustment Positioning wedge prevents hip rotation
  • flexible size adjustment (Flexible-Flap-Design)
  • easy to cut to size for individual adjustment
  • positioning wedge prevents hip rotation




Flexible size adjustment:

Heel Protector, Diabetes, etc. - Flexible size adjustment

The inside is available with two types of foam:

Positioning Devices, Heel Off-loading Device, Orthopedic Device - Convoluted foam, better air circulation, pleasant cooling effect.

Convoluted foam
The convoluted foam design results in better air circulation and, thus, ensures a pleasant cooling effect.

Positioning Devices, Heel Off-loading Device, Orthopedic Device. Particularly suitable for diabetes patients - Smooth foam

Smooth foam
The smooth foam version was developed especially for sensitive skin. This is particularly suitable for diabetes patients.


The Body Armor® Heel Reliever provides effective pressure relief in the heel area. The Heel Protector was specially developed for supine patients.

To avoid skin contact with the forefoot strap and to redistribute pressure, attachment of the supplied forefoot pad to the forefoot strap can be customised.

The positioning wedge can be used in a variety of ways. The extra foam pad included in the delivery can be cut to size. The fit of the Body Armor® Heel Reliever can be customised in a few steps. For detailed information on adjustment of the foam pad and use of the wedge, please refer to the instructions for use.

Cleaning the Body Armor® Heel Reliever is easy. It can be machine washed in the supplied laundry bag at 60° and can, thus, be used several times on one patient.

The product ideally complements the DARCO diabetes and wound care concept for treatment in all phases of care - preventive, acute or chronic. An added value for the care provider for optimal treatment and improvement in patients' quality of life.

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Further Information:

Download: User Manual Body Armor® Heel Reliever (PDF)
Download: Flyer "Body Armor® Heel Reliever Heel Protector" (PDF)
Download: Application Poster "Body Armor® Heel Reliever Heel Protector" (PDF)
Download: DARCO Product Catalogue "Orthopaedic Devices and Shoes" (PDF)
Read more in our DARCO Europe E-Journal, Issue 24 (May 2021)

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Included in the device package:

Forefoot pad
Forefoot pad
Positioning wedge
Positioning wedge
Extra foam pad
Extra foam pad
Laundry bag
Laundry bag


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