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PegContour® Insole Uni
Off-loading Cushion Insole

Simultaneous targeted offloading and pressure redistribution over the entire surface

Insole Orthopaedic Shoe - Simultaneous targeted offloading and pressure redistribution over the entire surface - Insole, symmetrical

Compatible with:

MedSurg Healing Shoe
MedSurg Pro® Healing Shoe
Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe
Relief Dual® Plus Off-loading Shoe
Relief Insert® Walker 2.0 Lower Leg / Foot Orthosis
AllRound Shoe® Closed long-term Healing Shoe
OrthoWedge Off-loading Shoe
OrthoWedge Light Off-loading Shoe
HeelWedge® Off-loading Shoe
Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe
SlimLine® Cast Boot


7 sizes (blue pegs)
for MedSurg, MedSurg Pro®, Relief Dual®, Relief Dual® Plus, Relief Insert® Walker 2.0

Women: WS (34 - 36.5), WM (37 - 38.5), WL (39 - 41)
Men: MS (39 - 41), MM (41.5 - 43), ML (43.5 - 45), MXL (45.5 - 47)

6 sizes (grey pegs)
for AllRound Shoe®

XS (37 - 38), S (39 - 40), M (41 - 42), L (43 - 44), XL (45 - 46), XXL (47 - 48)

5 sizes (black pegs)
for OrthoWedge, OrthoWedge Light, HeelWedge®, Commodus Open®, SlimLine®

XS (33.5 - 37), S (37.5 - 39.5), M (40 - 41.5), L (42 - 44), XL (44.5 - 47)

Insole - targeted offloading, pressure redistribution over entire surface - black


For selective off-loading for:



PegContourInsole Uni, side, blue and gray

The new versions of the blue and grey insole have several advantages:

Plantar pressure measurement PegContour® Insole Uni

Pressure measurement neutral Pressure measurement in Relief Dual / Plus (MTP II + III omitted) Pressure measurement in Commodus Open (MTP II + III omitted) Pressure measurement in AllRound Shoe (Heel omitted)
a b c

From left to right:
Neutral (Ballet-Style Shoe) vs. PegContour® Insole Uni
a) in Relief Dual® / Plus (MTP II + III omitted)
b) in Commodus Open® (MTP II + III omitted)
c) in AllRound Shoe® (Heel omitted)

to increase view please click at the scans

Scale: (N/cm2):

For detailed information on pressure redistribution:
You can download the biomechanical analysis from DARCO here


 The individually removable pegs enable targeted relief. Reduction in pressure of up to 45 %

The heel contour that is adapted to the anatomy of the foot enables optimal pressure redistribution. The individually removable pegs enable targeted relief. With the PegContour® Insole Uni, a reduction in pressure of up to 45 % can be achieved. As this insole is symmetrical, it can be worn on either the right or left foot and can also be used for lesions on the arch of the foot.

Thanks to the optimized PU material composition, the new version of the off-loading cushion insole requires no additional EVA sole to fix the pegs.

Orthopaedic Shoes, Orthopedic devices, Ankle Brace, Orthosis, Tapes

Further Information:

Download: User Manual "PegContour® Insole Uni" (PDF)
Download: Insole-Flyer "Pressure relief with DARCO insole systems" (PDF)
Download: Flyer "Say goodbye to the forefoot plateau! Postoperative care - newly defined" (PDF)
Download: Flyer "AllRound Shoe® Closed, long-term Healing Shoe" (PDF)
Download: Flyer "Relief Dual® Plus Off-loading Shoe with high ankle support" (PDF)
Download: DARCO Product Catalogue "Orthopaedic Devices and Shoes" (PDF)

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