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Compendium-Booklets Part 1 and 2

Innovative concept
Stability, shock absorption, pressure redistribution after foot surgery, Off-loading Shoe

Relief Dual®
Off-loading Shoe

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You can download the user manual for each individual product by going to the product on our web site. Below each product description, you'll find the user manuals and other helpful information under the heading: "Further Information".

DARCO catalogues:
Orthopaedic Devices and Shoes (Full catalogue)
Diabetic and Wound Care
Indication cards:
Our recommendation to postoperative treatment...
Product information flyers:
AllRound Shoe® Closed, long-term Healing Shoe
Ankle braces and bandages for every individual phase of care
Body Armor® Active
Body Armor® Ankle Flex
Body Armor® Cast Shoe - Cast Boot
Body Armor® Dorsal night splint (Flyer)
Body Armor® Pro Term Foot Stump Orthosis
Body Armor® Sleeve
Bungee Wrist Splint
DARCO Posterior Splint Splinting System
Heelift® Glide Suspension Boot
Heelift® Off-loading Boot in 3 Versions
MA Spacer (MIS Akin Spacer) Toe Separator
MECRON Elastic Tape Strong
MECRON ReadyDressment Strips
MedSurg Healing Shoe
MedSurg Pro® Healing Shoe
OrthoWedge Forefoot Off-loading Shoe
PegAssist® Insole
PegContour® Insole
Puzzle Insole® modular Insole
Relief Contour Insole
Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe
Relief Insert® Walker
TAS® (Toe Alignment Splint)
TASO® (Toe Alignment Socks)
TwinShoe® Balance Shoe
WCS® Light
Tape-Flyer: "Taping treatment and prevention from head to toe!"
Insole-Flyer: "Pressure relief with DARCO insole systems"
Posters / instruction posters:
Customization and Sizing of Heelift® Boots
Heel Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Decision Tree
Patient information brochures:
Stop the pain! - Are you suffering from heel pain? We can help you!
Diabetic? We help you to keep an eye on your feet
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DEKRA Certificate Quality Management EN ISO 13485:2016
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