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5th anniversary!
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October 15, 2018

Welcome to the 16th issue
of DARCO Europe E-Journal

Dear Reader,

2019: New design and a breath of fresh air!

After 4 years of sending out the DARCO Europe E-Journal we now decided to give a visual and technical facelift to the E-Journal. It remains our goal to provide insightful information to the medical community and to our distributors throughout Europe. From January 2019 on, it will be much easier for you to read all articles of DARCO Europe E-Journal with fewer mouse-clicks, making it more comfortable to receive all important information at a glance.

But you won't have to wait for 2019 for something new from DARCO. In this final issue of 2018 we introduce to you a completely new innovation: Relief Insert® Walker.

DARCO Europe E-Journal
16th issue!

  Enjoy reading! 

The Relief Insert® Walker was designed here in Bavaria. By combining the insightful input from a German Dr. and the ingenuity of DARCO developers, we've created a versatile and effective healing orthotic.

The Relief Insert® Walker was one of the highlights presented at the international OTWorld this year and it received profound recognition by international orthopaedic technicians and the medical professionals alike. We're excited to share our latest innovation with you.

We hope you enjoy reading the DARCO Europe E-Journal.

foot and ankle products

The new DARCO hub in the UK

hg DARCO Group welcomes V-M Orthotics Ltd.

We are delighted to announce that in 2018 V-M Orthotics Ltd, our longest serving distributor in the UK, has become part of our hg DARCO Group.

DARCO Worldwide: USA, Europe, UK, India, China

Through this acquisition, we are now able to service the UK market directly as well as facilitating the international exchange between the DARCO headquarters in the US, Europe, India and China; insuring consistent quality standards worldwide.

Welcome V-M Orthotics Ltd. to the DARCO community!


>  More information: "NEW: DARCO strengthens its presence in the United Kingdom ..."

DARCO United Kingdom -  DARCO strengthens its presence in the United Kingdom by acquiring V-M Orthotics Ltd. in Suffolk County, one of DARCO's longest-serving UK suppliers... foot and ankle products

July 13, 2018

Welcome to the 15th issue
of DARCO Europe E-Journal

Dear Reader,

Our 15th issue of the DARCO Europe E-Journal is dedicated to the little people in our lives. Our pediatric products may not generate big sales, but are certain to create big smiles.

Cheering up small patients and
providing the best of care

We all know how active children are and how difficult it may be to keep them still in times of recovery. Plaster casts are not only cumbersome but also difficult to tolerate.

This is why a simple, but effective orthopaedic shoe can make all the difference in the world to your young patient. Whether it's post-surgical or a plaster cast, DARCO has the right shoe for your every patient.

DARCO Europe E-Journal
15th issue!

  Enjoy reading! 

DARCO is a trusted partner for developing orthopaedic shoes for foot and ankle injuries and integrates more than 30 years of experience into every shoe we make. We know how biomechanical effects can influence the entire healing process and just how important this phase is to ensure long-term success.

From the small active child to the fully grown - DARCO offers quality, reliable products that are adaptable to the needs of all patients. Please continue reading and you'll learn how we can help with that one particular patient, who may actually be the most demanding.

We hope you enjoy reading the latest issue of DARCO Europe E-Journal!

foot and ankle products

April 18, 2018

Welcome to the 14th issue
of DARCO Europe E-Journal

Dear Reader,

Visit us at OTWorld Leipzig, Germany!

It's now only a few weeks away (May 15 - 18) and it brightens our daily business here at DARCO Europe. We're proud to be a part of this world class event and this year even more so, because we'll be launching some truly interesting new products.

The DARCO Relief Insert® Walker and the PegContour Insole. We value this opportunity to stage our latest innovations and to build new professional relationships. There is a distinctive symbiosis between the exhibitor and the audience at OTWorld. Professionals from the industry engage face to face with orthopaedic technicians, medical professionals and caregivers from a range of expertise in the field; gathering from all over the world with a common goal: to improve the health care quality and options for the patients we all service.

DARCO Europe E-Journal
14th issue!

  Enjoy reading! 

But it's not only the "New" - We continue to make improvements to our core products as well. The Body Armor® Cast Shoe has been a popular and reliable DARCO product for many years and it's just one example where new innovations provide a clear benefit to the patient. Read on, this clever solution is featured in this issue along with another quality expertise article.

We hope you enjoy the quick read and we look forward to seeing you at OTWorld in Leipzig, Germany.

foot and ankle products

Product videos available

DARCO product demonstration videos are available online!

DARCO's customers and sales team have a valuable resource to help answer questions about product features and learn more about the benefit and use of DARCO products.

We are pleased to present several educational videos. The handling of the aids is conveyed in practical step-by-step instructions. The videos offer an easy and convenient way to get more information on how to adjust the DARCO device and how to control perfect fit and comfort in order to secure safe healing. Each video features a two-minute demonstration in English, French or Spanish language.

Enjoy watching!

Overview of all DARCO Product Videos

Coming soon! New DARCO product videos: Relief Insert® Walker and PegContour Insole.

foot and ankle products

January 16, 2018

Welcome to the 13th issue
of DARCO Europe E-Journal

Dear Reader,

Think to the future - Learn from the past

It's a new year and we not only take look back but also set our sights on the positive direction 2018 will take us and where we want to go. Our objectives remain the same and so too will the E-Journal. We will continue to bring you the latest from our perspective and remain dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and information. We hope you enjoy reading the E-Journal and would welcome any feedback you'd like to contribute.

In this issue of DARCO's E-Journal, we adress the subject of innovation in foot care technology and what changes we've made to remain "one step ahead". And we return to a tried and tested device in our portfolio. The E-Journal allows us to keep you abridged on all the advancements we're pursuing.

DARCO Europe E-Journal
13th issue!

  Enjoy reading! 

Many orthopaedic disorders relate to the rear foot. Common ailments like plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction to more severe problems such as Charcot arthropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, neuromuscular disease, and the devastating event of amputations, can all affect the rear foot or ankle. The management of orthopaedic therapy has extensively engaged in the treatment of all of these conditions and DARCO is a leading medical device provider in this specialized field of therapy.

foot and ankle products

Knowing the latest trends in the market...

For DARCO, that means taking into consideration all points of view: Technicians, Designers, Doctors, Patients and the Distributor.

DARCO takes the input from national and international trade shows as well as the insights from medical professionals and close partners when moving forward with innovations.

Attending multiple scientific discussions and lectures across continents empowers us to grow, create and develop our innovations to meet the ever growing needs of people afflicted. We proudly present two new manufacturing facilities here in Germany: One up north in Hainichen, very close to Leipzig and one right next door here in Raisting, HG medical group. By doing so, we now have the capacity to bring to market new innovations and designs while closely maintaining attention to detail and quality. We will display our latest innovations this year at the industry's largest and most important meeting place in the world. Joint us at OTWorld 2018 and see what new directions we have forged: http://www.ot-world.com