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Guaranteed ability to deliver

The current situation is a major challenge for everyone involved. DARCO would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to coping with this situation every day. We have implemented numerous actions to fulfill our part so that we remain a reliable partner for you even in these difficult times.

DARCO adheres strictly to the legal rules of the Federal Ministry of Health and the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute as well as the WHO.

In order to remain fully operational, our inventories are continuously checked. We are in constant communication with our production facilities and suppliers.

In order to provide our employees with the best possible protection and to keep the risk of infection with the corona virus as low as possible, we have moved almost all of our employees to homeoffice. Nevertheless, we can be reached by phone, fax or email as usual. Orders leave our warehouse in the usual time.

We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and take all necessary measures to protect our employees and at the same time be available to you as a reliable partner.

Stay healthy!
The DARCO Management


IWGDF: "What can we do to provide evidence-based care with increasingly limited physical resources?"

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Since the founding of DARCO International Inc., USA in 1985 DARCO has maintained its focus on the foot and ankle and has grown to become one of the most widely recognized brands in the global foot and ankle community. The five DARCO hubs are unified by one common vision: Improving effective and timely healing of foot injuries. DARCO products are readily available, offer great value and can be effectively placed on patients and/or modified in minutes. With the rise of diabetes escalating worldwide, the incidence of wounds and ulcerations at the foot are increasing as well.

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Time alone does not heal wounds

Treatment and prevention of diabetic pressure ulcers is not only complex, it also requires a long-term approach. In doing so, the patient education is crucial. Preventive or corrective actions can reduce or eliminate the risk of harm.

One of DARCOs main products for effective pressure redistribution in diabetic foot is the WCS® Wound Care Shoe. It is recommended for the treatment of open & closed ulcerations and other conditions of the foot where it is desirable to redistribute weight away from specific areas. The circumferential counter of the shoe forms a deep pocket in the sole to accommodate a variety of insoles under the ulceration or area of pressure.

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