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Easier Handling − The new self-closing hook and loop fastener of Relief Dual®
From Post-OP to wound care − The AllRound Shoe®, a comprehensive healing shoe
Save limb and prolong life − Body Armor® Pro Term interim orthosis
Hot-off-the-Press − The new DARCO Diabetic and Wound Care catalogue
DARCO on the road − A weekend in Abu Dhabi, Tyrol and Marrakech
foot and ankle products New self-closing hook and loop fastener - Easier Use


New self-closing hook and loop fastener - Easier use

In order to make the handling even easier for you and your customers, we have adapted the hook and loop fastener of the Relief Dual®. Now we use a hook and loop fastener which can be easily shortened and grips at each point.

Have a closer look at the detailed application instruction:

Further instructions Relief Dual® hook and loop fastener

Here you will find all information about the Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe.

Do you have any further questions about this product?

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Easier mobility without compromising stability

spacious boot design for custom Insoles or bulky bandages (can accomodate diabetic foot insoles)

From Post-OP to wound care, the "Allrounder" is a comprehensive healing shoe, a relief shoe and a rehabilitation shoe, an all-in-one design for comfort and ease of use. The AllRound Shoe® is the perfect, versatile option with a wide opening for easy access and plenty of room for bandages. The slip resistant sole offers stability and good shock absorption due to two different shore densities.

This shoe is also easy to use, especially for elderly patients, where motor skills may be limited. The wide entry and the easy closure possibilities make everyday Life easier.

Learn more about the AllRound Shoe® Closed long-term Healing Shoe here.



DARCO's Body Armor Pro Term is an interim orthosis for use after Chopart and Lisfranc amputations

Save limb and prolong life!

Foot complications are the most common long-term complication for those with diabetes.
A (partial) foot amputation is certainly a last resort. Before that, all registers should be pulled to avoid later amputation. DARCO offers various products in its range to prevent and treat DFUs including therapy shoes, orthoses and insole systems.

DARCO's Body Armor® Pro Term is an interim orthosis for use after Chopart and Lisfranc amputations. Load transmission to the proximal foot is ensured by the wedge-shaped outsole and inner sole. The robust cross-ankle shaft stabilises both the talocrural and the talocalcaneal joint. The incorporated adjustable air pads allow this orthotic device to be adapted to fully fit and support the foot stump. The ventral support tongue provides compression over an extended area thanks to the variable closure system.

The assembled orthosis can still be customised to meet individual patient needs. The two-piece insole, consisting of an EVA rope and an EVA/PE sole, is interchangeable or customisable as required.

This product is available in two sizes M and L and designed for stump lengths of 16 cm and 19 cm respectively. The orthosis can be worn on the right or left side.

The User Report of the Orthotic Management after Chopart Amputation in Diabetic Patients can be downloaded here

For further information about the Body Armor® Pro Term Foot Stump Orthosis please click here.



Hot-off-the-Press: The new DARCO Diabetic and Wound Care catalogue

With huge potential for market growth, DARCO offers medical products of outstanding quality. In order to provide the best knowledge of our products we constantly develop a wide range of informative material for all categories in our product range.

We are now happy to publish a new Diabetic and Wound Care catalogue, providing lots of information relating to indications, sizes, measurements, accessories, fitting instructions and ordering information for our products.

You can easily download the brand new catalogue here.