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Two-In-One: Splinting System and Walker. Also available as Achill version.
Heel Protector
Pressure relief in the heel area - Body Armor Heel Reliever - for supine patients
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Effective pressure relief in the heel area for supine patients - Diabetes and Woundcare, Heel Protector Body Armor Heel Reliever


One size, two foam variants and plenty of customisation options

With the Body Armor® Heel Reliever, we are expanding the DARCO range of diabetes and wound care products. The pressure off-loading device helps prevent and heal heel pressure ulcers, as well as diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus. The Heel Protector brings many advantages for you to look forward to.

Floating heel - Body Armor Heel Reliever - Pressure relief design

"Floating" heel
The pressure relief design means that the heel is not exposed to any contact or pressure. The heel floats freely in the heel opening so correct positioning can be checked visually.

Universal Size - Flexible size customisation

Universal Size
"Flexible Flap Design" means flexible size customisation. The long shin bone pad allows the Body Armor® Heel Reliever to be adapted to both narrow and very wide calves. The ability to fit almost all patients with only one size is a huge advantage over other products on the market.

Forefoot pad - The small additional pad included, can be placed between the forefoot and the forefoot strap to avoid skin contact

Forefoot pad
The small additional pad included, can be placed between the forefoot and the forefoot strap to avoid skin contact.

The pad additionally supplied can even be cut to size as required

Extra foam pad
The pad serves to elevate the internally fixed calf pad for bariatric legs. The pad additionally supplied can even be cut to size as required.

Two foam variants

Convoluted or smooth? The convoluted version of the inside of the Heel Protector provides for improved air circulation and therefore a pleasant cooling effect. The smooth version, however, was specially developed for sensitive skin and is thus ideally suited for diabetes patients.

Take a look at the product page to see the other advantages, all information, properties and indications for the use of the Body Armor® Heel Reliever Heel Protector.



A video full of important product information

Take a moment to learn about all the important advantages and features in this illustrative product video.



Fitting, customising and avoiding hip rotation

We explain how the Body Armor® Heel Reliever is correctly fitted in just a few steps, what options are available for customising to your patients, but also how hip rotation can be counteracted with the help of the positioning wedge.

On this display poster we show you helpful step-by-step tips.



Answers to some questions on the new Heel Protector

We answer frequently asked questions on the new Body Armor® Heel Reliever.

How do I determine which size of Body Armor® Heel Reliever is right for the patient?

This is not necessary with the original DARCO Heel Protector. The Body Armor® Heel Reliever is available as One-Size-Fits-All. The extra-long shin pad means both narrow and very wide calves can be fitted. The extra foam padding allows further customisation. A big advantage of a standard size is that it automatically saves you storage space.

Can you wash the Body Armor® Heel Reliever Heel Protector?

Yes! Simply wash the Heel Protector in the washing machine at 60° in the laundry bag supplied. Of course, there is nothing to be said against hand washing in warm water with a mild detergent.

How is the Body Armor® Heel Reliever fitted?

It's important to place the patient's foot inside the support with the heel positioned above the opening. The heel should be positioned behind the fixed foam pad. The forefoot pad included helps keep the foot in position while avoiding pressure points and skin contact with the forefoot strap. You will find all the detailed instruction steps in the comprehensive instructions or in the easy-to-follow poster.

Is it possible for the patient to walk with the Body Armor® Heel Reliever?

No! This medical device is solely intended for splinting. Patients should not walk when wearing the Body Armor® Heel Reliever.

What distinguishes the Body Armor® Heel Reliever differ from alternative pressure off-loading devices such as pillows?

The locking system makes the off-loading device easy to fit, thus ensuring the caregiver quickly learns the technique. The patient is able to move slightly without the position of the foot slipping. This all helps save you time! The extra high foot section also prevents drop foot and avoids rotation of the foot.

What is the function of the positioning wedge supplied?

The wedge counteracts hip rotation thus ensuring more secure positioning. It can be used on either side. Instructions for correct use are shown on the wedge itself.