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Update dated 3 December 2020

The corona virus still has a firm grip on us and is constantly determining what we do. In the private sphere as well as in business, of course.

Most of the employees still work from home. The DARCO colleagues, who are in Raisting due to their area of responsibility, work in different shift systems or in separate rooms. Our hygiene concept, implemented very early on, contributes to a high safety standard.

Even if all face-to-face meetings and of course our annual Christmas party do not take place, the entire team works with unchanged commitment and vigor.

Our delivery situation is - as it has been for the whole year - in no way delayed or restricted due to the virus.

We observe what is happening every day politically, economically and health industry based. Our advantage is that we can always react quickly and flexibly to changes.

The entire DARCO team is fully available for our customers, interested parties, suppliers and partners.

We wish you a nice pre-Christmas season - stay healthy!

Katja Eger and Katharina Feistl
DARCO Management



This year, as previously, DARCO supports three social projects

Children's Feet Need Help

The feet are the basis of the human body. They carry us through life, give us support and safe passage. "Children's Feet Need Help" enables children in India to live an independent life on their own two feet, and thereby, participate fully in life.

Read more about this social project supporting children's feet in India here.

Hospice Association at Pfaffenwinkel

Since 1992, the "Hospice Association at Pfaffenwinkel" has created a mission, in the Pfaffenwinkel region, to support people in their last stages of life. The project believes in respecting human dignity, facilitating self-determination, providing quality of life and alleviating symptoms - regardless of age, religion, nationality or belief.

This link takes you directly to the website of the Hospice Association.

Neighbourhood Assistance

TOGETHER is a non-profit association at the Ammerlake westcoast. This organisation offers easy and efficient ways to participate in social tasks and supports people in need in our region.

Click here to learn more about Neighbourhood Assistance.

Social responsibility is important to us!

Read more about the DARCO Corporate Fund "Vorwärts" here.


Healing Shoe. Suitable for voluminous dressings. Arthritis, postoperative care


Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe - A problem solver for ulcerations and wounds

Woundcare or injuries in the lateral, dorsal or medial forefoot area are a great challenge for medical practitioners. Ulcerations occur quite frequently. With the Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe, physicians have more options available to them in the treatment of vulnerable feet.

The hook and loop straps can be freely placed where "hold is required" but "pressure is prohibited". For targeted relief, the number of hook and loop straps can be freely selected (0-1-2-3). Thus, the shoe can be adapted to the different indications and needs of each patient. Particularly for patients with large dressings where a conventional healing shoe with its closure system reaches its limits.

Are you interested to learn more about the new Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe?

Visit our website to know more about it.


Katja Eger, Vice President Sales and member of the Management Board


Talking about the new product launch Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe

Insights - from conception through to product launch. Katja Eger, Authorized Officer, VP Sales, tells of how DARCO ensures efficient implementation of professional expertise and proven DARCO quality in the new product development process.

"We listen to the market. And, in this case, the market approached us and expressed the desire for a healing shoe that allows more freedom during treatment than many pre-existing commercial products. After analysing the requirements, we took the first development steps..."

Read the full interview here



Statement of the expert

"A shoe that gives me the freedom and flexibility I need in treatment." Together with Lian Stoeldraaijers, Podiatrist and Chair of the Dutch Association of Diabetes Podiatrists, DARCO developed the Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe.

To Lian it was very important to have some shoe characteristics that no competitor product has.

Read the original statement by Lian Stoeldraaijers about the Commodus Open®:

As a podiatrist specialized in diabetes, I treat different kind of DFS cases in my practice every day. The perfect shoe solution is always an issue. A lot of manual work and a good choice of shoes are a big part of the healing success.

I was always looking for a shoe that is as free as possible in the forefoot area and that can be adapted individually. In addition, a proper ankle strap with an easy handling is needed as well. With this idea, together with DARCO, I initiated the "Commodus Open®".

The advantages of the shoe are, of course, a very good sole and, above all, the individual Hook and loop fasteners, which I can attach as needed when taking care of dorsal, medial and lateral ulcers, so that no pressure is exerted on the affected areas. The enlarged medial and lateral heel counter gives enough support to keep the rearfoot stabile. The special ankle strap makes things easier with the combination of perfect usability and secureness. The option to fully open the shoe and have a very easy entry is perfect.

As a podiatrist, this shoe gives me the freedom and flexibility I need to take good care for my patients.

Mrs. Lian Stoeldraaijers
Diabetes Podiatrist and President Dutch Association of Diabetes Podiatrists / Valkenswaard, North Brabant Province, Netherlands



Product Video Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe

We are pleased to present a new Product Video. The handling of the device is demonstrated using practical step-by-step instructions. The features of the new open healing shoe and individual customization options thanks to multiple hook and loop straps are explained in this 3D video.

Enjoy watching this video.