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Orthopaedic Devices an Shoes - Quality since 1985!
News and Notes − The story of DARCO's link to Podiatry
Look behind the scenes − Interview with head of DARCO (Europe) Logistics Centre
Research & Product development − "Value Added Products"
Free DARCO Informational Material − Biomechanical Analysis of Pressure Redistribution
Review − DARCO worldwide: Diabetic Foot Society of India
Review EWMA 2019, Gothenburg − DARCO (Europe) in best company
DARCO, a Gold Sponsor of ISDF − Successful presentation to Diabetic Foot community
foot and ankle products New self-closing hook and loop fastener - Easier Use


Darrel Darby a Tireless Friend of Podiatry

H. Darrel Darby, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine DPM, founded DARCO International in 1985 after growing frustrated with the design and performance of the wooden sole post op shoes that dominated the market at that time. He began experimenting with the idea of incorporating running shoe technology into post op shoe design and the result was the DARCO MedSurg Shoe, the first postoperative shoe to incorporate a semi-rigid sole design for greater patient comfort and faster healing.

In the more than 30 years since the launch of the MedSurg Shoe it has become the shoe of choice for foot and ankle surgeons around the world. In 2015 DARCO's Relief Dual®, created a shift in paradigm in the scientific community. The Relief Dual® revolutionizes "off-loading" technology. Our philosophy: "off-loading as much as needed - weight bearing as much as possible".

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Learn more about the DARCO (Europe) Logistics Centre

During the conversation with Enrico Gabriel, Head of Warehouse and Inventory Management, E-Journal editor Alexandra Panizza, illuminated important facts about the insights of this department. Through tried and trusted way of working the logistic team is able to guarantee best performance and consistency of supply to our customers.

You can read the full interview here.



Insole systems providing off-loading solutions for acute care and beyond

One of DARCO's focus is the development of modular insole strategies. This allows selective plantar pressure relief and is especially important after forefoot and midfoot surgical procedures.

Special insole systems are also available for the treatment of the diabetic foot. Pressure redistribution can be achieved through various insoles.

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Biomechanical Analysis of Pressure Redistribution

Always one step ahead with DARCO products: One way to convey this message and be taken seriously in today's jungle of postoperative shoes is to explain exactly what makes the product so good, and what makes it happen.

The Biomechanical Analysis of Pressure Redistribution for the Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe is our answer to explain in detail the benefits of this product. Contrary to the usual static measurements on the market, DARCO compiled a high value analysis comparing different average dynamic pressure measurements. In addition, all suitable DARCO insole systems are considered.

We are happy to offer you this valuable tool, providing a good help to the medical community working with DARCO products.

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