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Information about treatment of the foot and ankle

The DARCO E-Journal is a quarterly publication designed for the medical community, institutions and distributors throughout Europe, providing information about treatment of the foot and ankle.

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The DARCO E-Journal is your information source that is simple, effective and up-to-date. You have regular updates and special feature segments of varying topics. For example, the Featured Product section, will analyze the benefits and application of a particular product. In our Expertise section, we will share some of our 30 years of accumulated experience and know-how. This knowledge base segment will offer valuable, practical information that will prove to be a useful tool in your day-to-day business.

foot and ankle products

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DARCO Europe E-Journal

All Issues at a Glance

Issue 1 (Jan 2015), feat. MedSurg Healing Shoe: "Member of Woundcare-Circle..."
Issue 2 (Apr 2015), feat. OrthoWedge Off-loading Shoe: "Spring time is..."
Issue 3 (July 2015), feat. DARCO PegAssist® Insole: "New IWGDF Guidelines..."
Issue 4 (October 2015), feat. TAS® Toe Alignment Splint: "30 years of partnership..."
Issue 5 (January 2016), feat. DARCO Ankle supports: "Benefits of the digital world..."
Issue 6 (Apr 2016), feat. WCS Woundcare Shoe System: "Woundcare-Circle ..."
Issue 7 (July 2016), feat. Body Armor® Night Splint: "Plantar Fasciitis? ..."
Issue 8 (October 2016), feat. Relief Dual® Off -loading Shoe: "Always one step ahead..."
Issue 9 (January 2017): "E-Journal Compendium & Fresh Breeze 2017"
Issue 10 (April 2017): "April showers bring May flowers"
Issue 11 (July 2017): "Hot news this Summer: DARCO España and the MECRON Tapes"
Issue 12 (October 2017): "Good bye Summer. Hello Autumn!"
Issue 13 (January 2018): "Think to the future - Learn from the past"
Issue 14 (April 2018): "Visit us at OTWorld, Leipzig, Germany!"
Issue 15 (July 2018): "Cheering up small patients and providing the best of care"
Issue 16 (October 2018): "2019: New design and a breath of fresh air!"

foot and ankle products

Orthopedic devices and shoes by DARCO

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