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Pressure relief in the heel area - Body Armor Heel Reliever - for supine patients
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On this page you will find news from the DARCO Europe E-Journal since 01.01.2019.

Issues and reports from the years 2015 to 2018 can be found here.

Please note: Our archive library contains dated material. All promotions and special events published herein may or may not still be current.

foot and ankle products
DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 24, May 2021
NEW NEW NEW − Body Armor® Heel Reliever Heel Protector
And action! − Product video on the new Body Armor® Heel Reliever
Poster instructions − Easy-to-follow step-by-step description
FAQ − The most common questions and answers on the new Heel Protector
DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 23, March 2021
NEW − 64 % higher than Relief Dual®: The new Relief Dual® Plus
Media Report − Trendsetter Relief Dual®/ Plus: The modern form of forefoot relief shoes
DARCO Information Material − Product Video Relief Dual® Plus
Let's talk − Development work and added value that the Relief Dual® Plus provides
Latest news (2021)
December: Information on the COVID-19 Situation − Update dated 15 December 2021
August: Information on the COVID-19 Situation − Update dated 15 August 2021
Juni: Information on the COVID-19 Situation − Update dated 15 June 2021
April: Information on the COVID-19 Situation − Update dated 15 April 2021
February: Information on the COVID-19 Situation − Update dated 1 February 2021
DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 22, September 2020
NEW: Latest product innovation − Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe
Let's Talk − Get an insight view on our latest product launch!
Research & Product development − DARCO's fruitful cooperation with foot specialists
Training material − Product Video Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe
DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 21, January 2020
News and Notes − DARCO's international network
Let's talk − Interviews with two of our French speaking distributors
Research & Product development − WCS® first choice when dealing with ulcerations
DARCO sponsorship − Laughter is the best medicine
Latest news (2020)
December: Donations instead of presents − DARCO in support of social projects
December: Merry Christmas − DARCO wishes a happy Christmas time
December: Information on the COVID-19 Situation − Update dated 3 December 2020
November: World Diabetes Day − We help you to get your foot wounds under control
November: Information on the COVID-19 situation − Update dated 5 November 2020
July: Information on the COVID-19 situation − Update dated 30 July 2020
June: 35th DARCO Anniversary − The right time to say THANK YOU
April: Covid-19 and diabetic foot disease − Statement of IWGDF
March: Information about COVID-19 situation − Guaranteed ability to deliver
DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 20, October 2019
News and Notes − Visit us in UK: Wounds UK Annual Conference, Harrogate
Let's talk − DARCO's participation at ISPO Kobe, interview with CEO Darrel Darby
Research & Product development − Relief Insert® Walker Lower Leg/Foot Orthosis
DARCO community − DARCO supporting Sint Maarten Diabetes Foundation
DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 19, July 2019
News and Notes − The story of DARCO's link to Podiatry
Look behind the scenes − Interview with head of DARCO (Europe) Logistics Centre
Research & Product development − "Value Added Products"
Free DARCO Informational Material − Biomechanical Analysis of Pressure Redistribution
DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 18, April 2019
Easier Handling − The new self-closing hook and loop fastener of Relief Dual®
From Post-OP to wound care − The AllRound Shoe®, a comprehensive healing shoe
Save limb and prolong life − Body Armor® Pro Term interim orthosis
Hot-off-the-Press − The new DARCO Diabetic and Wound Care catalogue
DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 17, January 2019
Prevent amputation − DARCO - strong supporter of the IWGDF's guidelines
Let's talk − Interview with DARCO (Europe) R&D team
Unique publication − Get your free DARCO Compendium Booklet
DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 24, May 2021
Effective pressure relief in the heel area for supine patients - Diabetes and Woundcare, Heel Protector Body Armor Heel Reliever


One size, two foam variants and plenty of customisation options

With the Body Armor® Heel Reliever, we are expanding the DARCO range of diabetes and wound care products. The pressure off-loading device helps prevent and heal heel pressure ulcers, as well as diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus. The Heel Protector brings many advantages for you to look forward to.

Floating heel - Body Armor Heel Reliever - Pressure relief design

"Floating" heel
The pressure relief design means that the heel is not exposed to any contact or pressure. The heel floats freely in the heel opening so correct positioning can be checked visually.

Universal Size - Flexible size customisation

Universal Size
"Flexible Flap Design" means flexible size customisation. The long shin bone pad allows the Body Armor® Heel Reliever to be adapted to both narrow and very wide calves. The ability to fit almost all patients with only one size is a huge advantage over other products on the market.

Forefoot pad - The small additional pad included, can be placed between the forefoot and the forefoot strap to avoid skin contact

Forefoot pad
The small additional pad included, can be placed between the forefoot and the forefoot strap to avoid skin contact.

The pad additionally supplied can even be cut to size as required

Extra foam pad
The pad serves to elevate the internally fixed calf pad for bariatric legs. The pad additionally supplied can even be cut to size as required.

Two foam variants

Convoluted or smooth? The convoluted version of the inside of the Heel Protector provides for improved air circulation and therefore a pleasant cooling effect. The smooth version, however, was specially developed for sensitive skin and is thus ideally suited for diabetes patients.

Take a look at the product page to see the other advantages, all information, properties and indications for the use of the Body Armor® Heel Reliever Heel Protector.



A video full of important product information

Take a moment to learn about all the important advantages and features in this illustrative product video.



Fitting, customising and avoiding hip rotation

We explain how the Body Armor® Heel Reliever is correctly fitted in just a few steps, what options are available for customising to your patients, but also how hip rotation can be counteracted with the help of the positioning wedge.

On this display poster we show you helpful step-by-step tips.



Answers to some questions on the new Heel Protector

We answer frequently asked questions on the new Body Armor® Heel Reliever.

How do I determine which size of Body Armor® Heel Reliever is right for the patient?

This is not necessary with the original DARCO Heel Protector. The Body Armor® Heel Reliever is available as One-Size-Fits-All. The extra-long shin pad means both narrow and very wide calves can be fitted. The extra foam padding allows further customisation. A big advantage of a standard size is that it automatically saves you storage space.

Can you wash the Body Armor® Heel Reliever Heel Protector?

Yes! Simply wash the Heel Protector in the washing machine at 60° in the laundry bag supplied. Of course, there is nothing to be said against hand washing in warm water with a mild detergent.

How is the Body Armor® Heel Reliever fitted?

It's important to place the patient's foot inside the support with the heel positioned above the opening. The heel should be positioned behind the fixed foam pad. The forefoot pad included helps keep the foot in position while avoiding pressure points and skin contact with the forefoot strap. You will find all the detailed instruction steps in the comprehensive instructions or in the easy-to-follow poster.

Is it possible for the patient to walk with the Body Armor® Heel Reliever?

No! This medical device is solely intended for splinting. Patients should not walk when wearing the Body Armor® Heel Reliever.

What distinguishes the Body Armor® Heel Reliever differ from alternative pressure off-loading devices such as pillows?

The locking system makes the off-loading device easy to fit, thus ensuring the caregiver quickly learns the technique. The patient is able to move slightly without the position of the foot slipping. This all helps save you time! The extra high foot section also prevents drop foot and avoids rotation of the foot.

What is the function of the positioning wedge supplied?

The wedge counteracts hip rotation thus ensuring more secure positioning. It can be used on either side. Instructions for correct use are shown on the wedge itself.


DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 23, March 2021
Off-loading Shoe with high ankle support. More applications for postoperative management and wound treatment


Additional care and support, especially in the rearfoot area

In everyday life, there are many heel injuries that are difficult to treat. The new off-loading shoe Relief Dual® Plus is 64 % higher than the Relief Dual®. This provides orthograde and maximum support for the rear foot. The heel cap can be completely opened and flexibly adjusted by the ankle-closing system. The generous opening capability of the Relief Dual® Plus means that voluminous dressings can easily be accommodated.

Are you interested to learn more about the new Relief Dual® Plus off-loading shoe?

Visit our website to discover more.



Trendsetter Relief Dual® / Plus:
The modern form of forefoot relief shoes

Forefoot relief shoes play a major role in postoperative and diabetic care. Still most of them are wedge shoes with forefoot balcony. But a new generation of relief shoe has begun combining forefoot relief with a more natural and stable gait pattern.

Foot & Shoe issue 01/2021 reports from a practice perspective the new trend in forefoot off-loading shoes.

Please find the PDF of this article for download here:



Product Video Relief Dual® Plus

The handling and fitting of the new Relief Dual® Plus is demonstrated in a practical step-by-step visual guide. See our comprehensive video below.


Regina Felix, Product Developer and QMB at DARCO (Europe) - Relief Dual Plus Off-loading Shoe


We talked with Regina Felix, our Product Developer at DARCO (Europe)

If you are searching for our Product Developers, they are either carrying out a live test of a new product, talking to users or engrossed in their "creative world" between foam, sole profiles and 3D printing. We talked with Regina Felix, our Product Developer at DARCO (Europe):

When is a DARCO product ready for market launch?

When the intended added value and benefits have been achieved, and the product has passed the test phase. Material composition, biomechanical processes, indications and usability all have a significant influence. The bar is set very high! We also ask ourselves what product the market needs to provide the best possible care for patients.

DARCO recently launched the Relief Dual® Plus. How did the development team approach the "plus" in performance?

We focused on a combination of the tried and tested and the innovative in the development of the Relief Dual® Plus off-loading shoe. We start with the prototype so that we quickly have something tangible to offer and can get doctors and users on board. We rely on close cooperation. This means the development work is not carried out in isolation.

For the development alternative Relief Dual® Plus, the task was to deliver expanded care options, especially in the rearfoot area, and, at the same time, to once again strengthen the evidence we have already introduced to the market with the well-established Relief Dual® technology of the outsole, thus reinforcing the message "Say goodbye to the forefoot plateau!". In addition, we would like to further establish the combination options with other DARCO products, such as the insole systems, so that personalised patient care is possible.

How long did it take to develop the Relief Dual® Plus and get it ready for sale?

The initial impetus was in November 2019 and the launch was in October 2020. Such a rapid development phase is only feasible if all departments work together.

To what extent does the everyday life of patients play a role in product development?

We regularly receive valuable patient feedback through the close contact with specialist retailers and doctors. What could we do better? "What are the pain points?"

With the new Relief Dual® Plus, a flexibly adjustable heel cap allows the shoe to be adapted to the patient's respective heel anatomy. Not only does this provide more space and pressure relief for voluminous heel dressings, but narrow heels can also be gripped better. As a result, we provide patients with greater support, stability and comfort.

In everyday life, there are many heel injuries that are difficult to treat. Here we wanted to introduce a "plus" in care - i.e. a real advantage - to the market. Patients with such injuries should be able to move far more safely in everyday life, without pressure on their painful heels. In addition, the full opening in all directions makes it easier to put the shoe on and take it off, and the high shaft ensures a secure and stable fit. We are very keen to know how patients get on with our products in everyday life. We draw on this very much for our product development and the design process. Patients' acceptance is tremendously important.

Where does the product development team get its ideas from?

What is the saying? "Product development means not simply accepting problems and shortcomings, but wanting to do something better." New product ideas usually come about through conversations with users, doctors and patients. DARCO is well networked and is in close contact with its customers. Through continuous exchange with DARCO colleagues in the USA, UK, India and China, our innovations are passed on to as many patients as possible worldwide.

Are there already specific plans for 2021?

Of course, there are already some development projects to expand DARCO's product range and to adapt existing products. You can look forward to this! And what I should also like to see: Feel free to send questions and suggestions to the DARCO development team and, of course, good health for all!

Thank you for the conversation.

Ask us - More interviews on DARCO topics can be found here.


Latest news (2021)


Update dated 15 December 2021

For 1.5 years now, the pandemic circumstances have determined our lives and actions. Unfortunately, working under Corona conditions has become part of everyday life. An almost 100% vaccination quota in the company represents a substantial basis through which we can guarantee our processes.

The predictive action and investment in terms of storage capacity and increasing our quantities of goods guarantees our ability to deliver our range.

We were, are and will be there for you with full commitment and dedication.

We wish you all the best, stay healthy and take care of yourself!

Katja Eger und Katharina Feistl
DARCO Management



Update dated 15 August 2021

Unfortunately, the pandemic situation continues to determine global trade.

DARCO works continuously to ensure that our products are still available and that they are delivered in the usual time frame.

Of course, we comply with the requirements of the Government. A vaccination rate of almost 80% among DARCO employees ensures that regular procedures and processes are protected internally.

The global logistics system also presents DARCO with constant challenges. We have increased our inventory to the maximum in order to prevent the current fragile supply chains.

DARCO is here for you day after day with the full dedication and commitment of all colleagues.

We wish you all the best - take care!

Katja Eger und Katharina Feistl
DARCO Management



Update dated 15 June 2021

A light can be seen at the end of the Corona tunnel. We feel optimism.

Of course, DARCO is still working firmly based on the requirements of the rules of the Government. There are still regulations here that do not quite allow the way to normality in the work area. Nevertheless, we at DARCO can now consider easing the situation due to the gratifyingly high willingness of employees to vaccinate and the prospect of company vaccinations very soon.

Assuming the Germany-wide incidences maintain the positive downward trend, after careful consideration we will be able to bring more colleagues back to the office from the strict home office.

Personal customer appointments with our sales force have recently been fully permitted again. Business trips abroad are evaluated according to the concrete situation. Of course, always in compliance with all hygiene rules.

Unfortunately, we are still feeling the effects of the pandemic on the global economy. Above all, the smooth cooperation with our partners and suppliers in the Asian region is still difficult. The transport sector in particular challenges us every day.

The enthusiasm of all colleagues to meet our level and our well-known service standards every day is unbroken. We are moving forwards! More vaccinated colleagues and business partners every day, the courage to make certain structural adjustments and prudence without fear will also allow us to take the next steps out of the pandemic.

We wish you all the best!

Katja Eger und Katharina Feistl
DARCO Management



Update dated 15 April 2021

We all deal with the Corona issue for over a year, now. Unfortunately, the situation has not yet improved to such an extent that one could speak of relaxation. DARCO continues to work in a goal-oriented manner and depending on the situation under these challenging conditions.

The situation around global delivery traffic is tense. Both in terms of the logistical process and in terms of costs. DARCO has also been affected by these situations, which cannot be influenced. Nevertheless, up to now we have been able to supply our customers without serious delays.

Multiple tests through rapid tests every week for employees who work on site, home office work whenever possible and incentives that we offer to employees who are vaccinated, represents a stable hygiene concept that works in everyday life.

DARCO is available to you during the opening hours with full staff.

We wish you all the best, stay healthy and motivated.

Katja Eger and Katharina Feistl
DARCO Management



Update dated 1 February 2021

The situation around the COVID-19 pandemic has not changed significantly. DARCO continues to work goal-oriented with this difficult situation.

Not only DARCO are now noticing the challenges surrounding global delivery traffic, which certainly has an impact. Nevertheless, we have not recorded any corona-related delivery delays so far. However, the transport costs from our producers to us have increased massively. An impact of the pandemic that affects not only DARCO, but most of our industry partners.

We compensate for these increases to our customers 100 %. So we deliberately do not increase prices this year in order not to burden our customers additionally. We see this as our contribution that we can make.

All efforts to protect our employees and customers will continue to be implemented. Our task force has been juggling the new rules, regulations and requirements of the federal government and the RKI almost every day for almost a year. We are there for you with all team members, whether in the home office or on site.

We wish you continued motivation and good health.

Katja Eger & Katharina Feistl
DARCO Management


DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 22, September 2020
Healing Shoe. Suitable for voluminous dressings. Arthritis, postoperative care


Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe - A problem solver for ulcerations and wounds

Woundcare or injuries in the lateral, dorsal or medial forefoot area are a great challenge for medical practitioners. Ulcerations occur quite frequently. With the Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe, physicians have more options available to them in the treatment of vulnerable feet.

The hook and loop straps can be freely placed where "hold is required" but "pressure is prohibited". For targeted relief, the number of hook and loop straps can be freely selected (0-1-2-3). Thus, the shoe can be adapted to the different indications and needs of each patient. Particularly for patients with large dressings where a conventional healing shoe with its closure system reaches its limits.

Are you interested to learn more about the new Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe?

Visit our website to know more about it.


Katja Eger, Vice President Sales and member of the Management Board


Talking about the new product launch Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe

Insights - from conception through to product launch. Katja Eger, Authorized Officer, VP Sales, tells of how DARCO ensures efficient implementation of professional expertise and proven DARCO quality in the new product development process.

"We listen to the market. And, in this case, the market approached us and expressed the desire for a healing shoe that allows more freedom during treatment than many pre-existing commercial products. After analysing the requirements, we took the first development steps..."

Read the full interview here



Statement of the expert

"A shoe that gives me the freedom and flexibility I need in treatment." Together with Lian Stoeldraaijers, Podiatrist and Chair of the Dutch Association of Diabetes Podiatrists, DARCO developed the Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe.

To Lian it was very important to have some shoe characteristics that no competitor product has.

Read the original statement by Lian Stoeldraaijers about the Commodus Open®:

As a podiatrist specialized in diabetes, I treat different kind of DFS cases in my practice every day. The perfect shoe solution is always an issue. A lot of manual work and a good choice of shoes are a big part of the healing success.

I was always looking for a shoe that is as free as possible in the forefoot area and that can be adapted individually. In addition, a proper ankle strap with an easy handling is needed as well. With this idea, together with DARCO, I initiated the "Commodus Open®".

The advantages of the shoe are, of course, a very good sole and, above all, the individual Hook and loop fasteners, which I can attach as needed when taking care of dorsal, medial and lateral ulcers, so that no pressure is exerted on the affected areas. The enlarged medial and lateral heel counter gives enough support to keep the rearfoot stabile. The special ankle strap makes things easier with the combination of perfect usability and secureness. The option to fully open the shoe and have a very easy entry is perfect.

As a podiatrist, this shoe gives me the freedom and flexibility I need to take good care for my patients.

Mrs. Lian Stoeldraaijers
Diabetes Podiatrist and President Dutch Association of Diabetes Podiatrists / Valkenswaard, North Brabant Province, Netherlands



Product Video Commodus Open® Open Healing Shoe

We are pleased to present a new Product Video. The handling of the device is demonstrated using practical step-by-step instructions. The features of the new open healing shoe and individual customization options thanks to multiple hook and loop straps are explained in this 3D video.

Enjoy watching this video.


DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 21, January 2020


Get to know us better: DARCO Worldwide

Since the founding of DARCO International Inc., USA in 1985 DARCO has maintained its focus on the foot and ankle and has grown to become one of the most widely recognized brands in the global foot and ankle community. The five DARCO hubs are unified by one common vision: Improving effective and timely healing of foot injuries. DARCO products are readily available, offer great value and can be effectively placed on patients and/or modified in minutes. With the rise of diabetes escalating worldwide, the incidence of wounds and ulcerations at the foot are increasing as well.

Are you interested to learn more about our global company profile?

Visit DARCO worldwide.



Talking to French speaking community

Thanks to individuality, flexibility and our many years of expertise, we are able to offer our French speaking customers the best possible tailor-made service. This is the way we can effectively transfer the value of the DARCO brand to the market and to doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacies, footwear technicians and foot specialists in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Western Switzerland and convince them about product quality.

We spoke to our French speaking distributors.

Read the interview with Osmose here.

Watch the statement with Gwen Corbin, Ortho Supply,
regarding the Woundcare-Circle.



Time alone does not heal wounds

Treatment and prevention of diabetic pressure ulcers is not only complex, it also requires a long-term approach. In doing so, the patient education is crucial. Preventive or corrective actions can reduce or eliminate the risk of harm.

One of DARCOs main products for effective pressure redistribution in diabetic foot is the WCS® Wound Care Shoe. It is recommended for the treatment of open & closed ulcerations and other conditions of the foot where it is desirable to redistribute weight away from specific areas. The circumferential counter of the shoe forms a deep pocket in the sole to accommodate a variety of insoles under the ulceration or area of pressure.

Are you interested to learn more about our Diabetic and Woundcare Products?

Please click here to get more information.



Sponsorship to Hospital Clowns

The idea of clown visits in hospitals came alive in the USA in 1986 with the knowledge that laughter promotes the healing process and it has also been practiced in Europe since the early nineties. In 1997 the non-profit-making registered association of clowns was founded in Bavaria, which meanwhile sends professional clowns week for week to numerous paediatric hospitals in South Germany.

2019 DARCO decided to support this project with a charitable donation instead of customer gifts for Christmas. We are happy when we can help to bring back a smile in the face of sick people.


Latest news (2020)


This year, as previously, DARCO supports three social projects

Children's Feet Need Help

The feet are the basis of the human body. They carry us through life, give us support and safe passage. "Children's Feet Need Help" enables children in India to live an independent life on their own two feet, and thereby, participate fully in life.

Read more about this social project supporting children's feet in India here.

Hospice Association at Pfaffenwinkel

Since 1992, the "Hospice Association at Pfaffenwinkel" has created a mission, in the Pfaffenwinkel region, to support people in their last stages of life. The project believes in respecting human dignity, facilitating self-determination, providing quality of life and alleviating symptoms - regardless of age, religion, nationality or belief.

This link takes you directly to the website of the Hospice Association.

Neighbourhood Assistance

TOGETHER is a non-profit association at the Ammerlake westcoast. This organisation offers easy and efficient ways to participate in social tasks and supports people in need in our region.

Click here to learn more about Neighbourhood Assistance.

Social responsibility is important to us!

Read more about the DARCO Corporate Fund "Vorwärts" here.



DARCO wishes a nice and quiet Christmas time

This year was full of challenges for the whole world and of course for DARCO, too and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. So, of course, we are primarily accompanied by the omnipresent Corona issue.

But regardless of that, the year brought some news for DARCO. In the middle of the year DARCO made a change in the company's management. In May, my colleague Katharina Feistl and I took over the management of DARCO in full and Johannes Hagenmeyer retired from the operative business. He still holds his position on the Supervisory Board for DARCO.

Despite the pandemic, we managed to introduce some brand new products to the market without traveling and with almost no face-to-face meetings. The new presentation of the high Relief Dual® Plus, the Commodus Open® and an expansion of the YDA-Line worked much better than we had hoped and expected.

Product presentations, customer meetings, bank appointments, internal meetings - most of it was and is done virtually. Even trade fairs and congresses take place digitally. As a company, we've learned a lot this year. We saw what a fully functioning and loyal team we are at DARCO. We have acquired new techniques and approaches and viewed things from different perspectives.

We have big plans for the coming year. New products which are ready to start, new ideas and concepts, enlargement of our team and a lot more. Let's get surprised. DARCO is always one step ahead!

Katharina Feistl and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your loyalty, your trust and the good cooperation. The employees, partners, customers, suppliers and interested parties go along with all of the paths taken. That's wonderful.

We wish you now that the coming weeks will be characterized by calm, social interaction, positive thinking and recharging your batteries. This year too, DARCO is not giving Christmas presents. We have decided again to support three organizations that are close to our hearts.

We wish you the very best, stay healthy, have a Merry Christmas and start the new year safe and sound.

Katja Eger & Katharina Feistl



Update dated 3 December 2020

The corona virus still has a firm grip on us and is constantly determining what we do. In the private sphere as well as in business, of course.

Most of the employees still work from home. The DARCO colleagues, who are in Raisting due to their area of responsibility, work in different shift systems or in separate rooms. Our hygiene concept, implemented very early on, contributes to a high safety standard.

Even if all face-to-face meetings and of course our annual Christmas party do not take place, the entire team works with unchanged commitment and vigor.

Our delivery situation is - as it has been for the whole year - in no way delayed or restricted due to the virus.

We observe what is happening every day politically, economically and health industry based. Our advantage is that we can always react quickly and flexibly to changes.

The entire DARCO team is fully available for our customers, interested parties, suppliers and partners.

We wish you a nice pre-Christmas season - stay healthy!

Katja Eger and Katharina Feistl
DARCO Management



We bring together what belongs together

World Diabetes Day takes place on 14 November every year. This day was introduced to draw attention to the increasing incidence of diabetes mellitus.

Pressure sores and open ulcers on the foot are among the most common manifestations of diabetes and pose a major challenge in terms of healing and relief of the foot. With the DARCO patient brochure, you can involve patients in the treatment and support them in actively contributing to treatment success.

DARCO patient brochure:

"Diabetic? We help you to keep an eye on your feet"

Please ask us for the free patient brochure:
Telephone: +49 8807 9228 0 | Email:



Update dated 5 November 2020

DARCO prepared itself early on for this phase of a drastically increasing infection rate in autumn / winter in Germany. Thus, the majority of office staff returned to their home office work without any organisational problems.

Nevertheless, we are fully available for you during business hours with a full team of office staff and the sales force. Hygiene concepts established by us enable safe and effective work. To date, there has also not been a single confirmed COVID-19 case at DARCO.

On site, a two-shift system of employees helps to ensure that all orders leave the company at the usual times and reach customers on time. In this way we can also guarantee acute care.

To date, we have not experienced any pandemic-related supply shortages or restrictions throughout the year. A very closely monitored inventory situation and a warehouse stock that was increased in spring as a precautionary measure allow us to continue to deliver.

As a cog in the health care system, we remain prudent, goal-oriented and act quickly and in a situation-specific manner to changes. DARCO has been your reliable partner in the past and will remain so in the future.

Stay well and optimistic!

Katja Eger and Katharina Feistl
DARCO Management



Update dated 30 July 2020

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in a manner appropriate to the situation is now part of standard business policy. We would like to give you some basic information about the current situation:

DARCO is fully able to deliver. We have also not experienced any corona-related restrictions or bottlenecks in the past at DARCO. We rigorously monitor our supply chains and continuously evaluate our stocks.

Prudent personnel management is an important factor during these times. Allaying fears and motivating staff ensures an homogeneous team of committed employees. Through strict cost control measures and by reviewing upcoming projects, we could and can currently rule out corona-related redundancies. We also have not cancelled the new hires planned before the pandemic. Therefore, we already look forward to having another apprentice in September and have also expanded our marketing team.

DARCO is here for you during standard business hours with the complete internal sales and field service team. Hygiene concepts established by us enable safe and effective work. To date, there have also been no confirmed COVID-19 cases in the entire hg DARCO Group.

Our in-house "Corona Task Force" keeps an eye on global developments regarding the virus and closely aligns itself with these. Appropriate measures are taken based on these findings. These directly impact both internal processes and our activities in the marketplace.

Of course, DARCO, like the entire industry, has to cope with a slump in sales. But, with a reliable team, we maintain a positive outlook for the future.

With this in mind - stay healthy!
Katja Eger on behalf of the entire Management Board



The right time to say THANK YOU

The start of DARCO's 35th anniversary year is marked by the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, we would like to take this opportunity to give a retrospective and a perspective on our projects together with our customers, business partners and friends. Above all we would like to express a THANK YOU for long-standing partnership and trust. We want to offer our customers the best possible support and problem solving, especially in these times. DARCO is keen to always support you with all the necessary things you expect from a reliable partner. Trust, delivery capability, reliable sales concepts, communication and news are paramount.

Stay healthy and well informed!

Here you can find the Anniversary Flyer (PDF)


IWGDF: "What can we do to provide evidence-based care with increasingly limited physical resources?"

Learn more about COVID19 and DFD here:



Guaranteed ability to deliver

The current situation is a major challenge for everyone involved. DARCO would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to coping with this situation every day. We have implemented numerous actions to fulfill our part so that we remain a reliable partner for you even in these difficult times.

DARCO adheres strictly to the legal rules of the Federal Ministry of Health and the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute as well as the WHO.

In order to remain fully operational, our inventories are continuously checked. We are in constant communication with our production facilities and suppliers.

In order to provide our employees with the best possible protection and to keep the risk of infection with the corona virus as low as possible, we have moved almost all of our employees to homeoffice. Nevertheless, we can be reached by phone, fax or email as usual. Orders leave our warehouse in the usual time.

We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and take all necessary measures to protect our employees and at the same time be available to you as a reliable partner.

Stay healthy!
The DARCO Management


DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 20, October 2019
Visit us in UK - Wounds UK Annual Conference


Visit us in UK - Wounds UK Annual Conference, 04 - 06 November 2019

The Wounds UK Annual Conference is one of the major events for Woundcare-Circle this year. DARCO will be participating under the umbrella of WCC and offering a wide range of products for the treatment in diabetic and wound care. We are looking forward to learn more about latest clinical opinions, research, and policy from around the UK.
DARCO, as a global company with large customer networks, is happy to welcome the British community at our booth No. 49 and provide instant service by our distribution hub in the United Kingdom V-M Orthotics Ltd.

Do you have any further questions on our diabetic and wound care product range?

Just drop us an E-mail to



DARCO at ISPO Kobe: expectations and opportunities

The biennial World Congress is a highlight for all who deal with rehabilitation and assistive technology, particularly prosthetics and orthotics. During the conversation with Darrel Darby, CEO of DARCO International, Inc. Huntington, USA, E-Journal editor Alexandra Panizza, enlightens the global targets of DARCO in the sector of rehabilitation and orthopaedic devices.

You can read the full interview here.



Revolutionizing offloading technology: The new two-in-one solution

One of DARCO's focus at the upcoming ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK is the new Relief Insert® Walker Lower Leg/Foot Orthosis. This new and unique design combines the valuable features of a classic walker with the advantages of a light weight, practical splint built right in. It's the first of its kind on the market today. If you would like to find out more, please visit us at our booth Hall 4.2, Booth E-002.

We will be happy to welcome you!



Sponsorship to the Sint Maarten Diabetes Foundation

An important element of our philosophy is further training for medical specialists and health care givers worldwide. We want to support the expansion of professional knowledge and a large number of DARCO's training programs and medical works brings in innovative material for physicians and medical experts. On the basis of this voluntary commitment, we supported the very important project of Sint Maarten Foundation in the Caribbean. Thanks to the important work of Lian Stoeldraaijers, to whom we pay tribute for her initiative to support this project.


DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 19, July 2019
New self-closing hook and loop fastener - Easier Use


Darrel Darby a Tireless Friend of Podiatry

H. Darrel Darby, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine DPM, founded DARCO International in 1985 after growing frustrated with the design and performance of the wooden sole post op shoes that dominated the market at that time. He began experimenting with the idea of incorporating running shoe technology into post op shoe design and the result was the DARCO MedSurg Shoe, the first postoperative shoe to incorporate a semi-rigid sole design for greater patient comfort and faster healing.

In the more than 30 years since the launch of the MedSurg Shoe it has become the shoe of choice for foot and ankle surgeons around the world. In 2015 DARCO's Relief Dual®, created a shift in paradigm in the scientific community. The Relief Dual® revolutionizes "off-loading" technology. Our philosophy: "off-loading as much as needed - weight bearing as much as possible".

Do you have any further questions on our postoperative product range?

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Learn more about the DARCO (Europe) Logistics Centre

During the conversation with Enrico Gabriel, Head of Warehouse and Inventory Management, E-Journal editor Alexandra Panizza, illuminated important facts about the insights of this department. Through tried and trusted way of working the logistic team is able to guarantee best performance and consistency of supply to our customers.

You can read the full interview here.



Insole systems providing off-loading solutions for acute care and beyond

One of DARCO's focus is the development of modular insole strategies. This allows selective plantar pressure relief and is especially important after forefoot and midfoot surgical procedures.

Special insole systems are also available for the treatment of the diabetic foot. Pressure redistribution can be achieved through various insoles.

Are you interested in our modular insole systems?

Please visit "Insole Systems and Accessories" to get more information.



Biomechanical Analysis of Pressure Redistribution

Always one step ahead with DARCO products: One way to convey this message and be taken seriously in today's jungle of postoperative shoes is to explain exactly what makes the product so good, and what makes it happen.

The Biomechanical Analysis of Pressure Redistribution for the Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe is our answer to explain in detail the benefits of this product. Contrary to the usual static measurements on the market, DARCO compiled a high value analysis comparing different average dynamic pressure measurements. In addition, all suitable DARCO insole systems are considered.

We are happy to offer you this valuable tool, providing a good help to the medical community working with DARCO products.

You can easily order the DARCO Biomechanical Analysis of Pressure Redistribution:

Just drop us a line to and we will send you a free hardcopy.


DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 18, April 2019
New self-closing hook and loop fastener - Easier Use


New self-closing hook and loop fastener - Easier use

In order to make the handling even easier for you and your customers, we have adapted the hook and loop fastener of the Relief Dual®. Now we use a hook and loop fastener which can be easily shortened and grips at each point.

Have a closer look at the detailed application instruction:

Further instructions Relief Dual® hook and loop fastener

Here you will find all information about the Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe.

Do you have any further questions about this product?

Just drop us an Email to



Easier mobility without compromising stability

spacious boot design for custom Insoles or bulky bandages (can accomodate diabetic foot insoles)

From Post-OP to wound care, the "Allrounder" is a comprehensive healing shoe, a relief shoe and a rehabilitation shoe, an all-in-one design for comfort and ease of use. The AllRound Shoe® is the perfect, versatile option with a wide opening for easy access and plenty of room for bandages. The slip resistant sole offers stability and good shock absorption due to two different shore densities.

This shoe is also easy to use, especially for elderly patients, where motor skills may be limited. The wide entry and the easy closure possibilities make everyday Life easier.

Learn more about the AllRound Shoe® Closed long-term Healing Shoe here.



DARCO's Body Armor Pro Term is an interim orthosis for use after Chopart and Lisfranc amputations

Save limb and prolong life!

Foot complications are the most common long-term complication for those with diabetes.
A (partial) foot amputation is certainly a last resort. Before that, all registers should be pulled to avoid later amputation. DARCO offers various products in its range to prevent and treat DFUs including therapy shoes, orthoses and insole systems.

DARCO's Body Armor® Pro Term is an interim orthosis for use after Chopart and Lisfranc amputations. Load transmission to the proximal foot is ensured by the wedge-shaped outsole and inner sole. The robust cross-ankle shaft stabilises both the talocrural and the talocalcaneal joint. The incorporated adjustable air pads allow this orthotic device to be adapted to fully fit and support the foot stump. The ventral support tongue provides compression over an extended area thanks to the variable closure system.

The assembled orthosis can still be customised to meet individual patient needs. The two-piece insole, consisting of an EVA rope and an EVA/PE sole, is interchangeable or customisable as required.

This product is available in two sizes M and L and designed for stump lengths of 16 cm and 19 cm respectively. The orthosis can be worn on the right or left side.

The User Report of the Orthotic Management after Chopart Amputation in Diabetic Patients can be downloaded here

For further information about the Body Armor® Pro Term Foot Stump Orthosis please click here.



Hot-off-the-Press: The new DARCO Diabetic and Wound Care catalogue

With huge potential for market growth, DARCO offers medical products of outstanding quality. In order to provide the best knowledge of our products we constantly develop a wide range of informative material for all categories in our product range.

We are now happy to publish a new Diabetic and Wound Care catalogue, providing lots of information relating to indications, sizes, measurements, accessories, fitting instructions and ordering information for our products.


DARCO Europe E-Journal Issue 17, January 2019


Prevent Amputation!

The work of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot and DARCO's support to the Guidance Documents.

"It is estimated that in 2013 approximately 382 million people had diabetes - 8.3% of the world's population. Around 80 % of these people live in developing countries. By 2030, the global estimate is expected to rise to over 552 million or 9.9 % of the adult population. Every 20 seconds, a lower limb is lost to diabetes somewhere in the world". These findings are from the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) which was founded in 1996. In 1999, the IWGDF published the first International Consensus on the Diabetic Foot and Practical Guidelines on the Management of treatment. In the year 2000 they became a Consultative branch for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

The IWGDF's "guidelines" set the standards across the world for evidence based, best practices principles to prevent lower limb amputation and improvements for the management of the DFS. DARCO, founding member of Woundcare-Circle, is one of the many local champions supporting the IWGDF. Over 80.000 copies of the "guidelines" have been distributed globally and produced in 26 languages.

The implementation of the New International Guidance Documents is one of the highlights of the upcoming 8th International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot, to be held in The Hague, The Netherlands May 22-25, 2019. Held every four years, this is the largest and most prestigious meeting in regards to lower extremity problems in diabetes.

You will find DARCO on-site. We are looking forward to meeting you at our joint booth of Woundcare-Circle F18.

For more information and to save the date, please go to or



Working in permanent dialog with our sister companies out of four different markets USA, Europe, China and India

DARCO produces and markets orthopaedic devices and shoes worldwide. As demand grows, expertise proves invaluable for the innovation of high preforming aids for the foot and ankle and in order to create effective solutions for healing foot ulcerations.

Alexandra Panizza, Chief Editor of the E-Journal talks with Thomas Dietrich and Regina Felix about product development and the multi-faceted perspectives the term R&D entails underroof here at DARCO Europe.

Editor: What encompasses the role of a product developer here at DARCO?

Thomas Dietrich: It's complex; we oversee multiple projects simultaneously and are responsible for quality control through the manufacturing process. We also engage the professionals who use our products and based upon the latest findings, we formulate new product designs to meet their changing needs. We compile ideas, construct prototypes and assess feedback from test cases. Working with local universities...

Read the complete interview here



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DARCO Compendium-Booklet Part 2

In this new booklet you'll receive the highly acclaimed Expertise written by Raphael Böhm, DARCO (Europe) combined with the complimenting featured product segment. This easy to use source of information is an effective tool that you can reference and that will support you in your day to day business. The Compendium Booklet is our gift to you as we continue to strive to be your solid partner in innovative orthopaedic solutions. The booklet will come in a high quality printed version. Easy to share with colleagues and partners.

Have you missed DARCO Compendium-Booklet Part 1?
No, problem at all. We are delighted to send you the first part of this valuable publication, to raise awareness of the information provided by us in DARCO E-Journals 1-8.

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Issues and reports from the years 2015 to 2018 can be found here.