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DARCO Worldwide

"Every 9 seconds somewhere in the world a foot and ankle specialist prescribes a DARCO product."

Darrel Darby, global CEO DARCO International

Five Locations: USA, United Kingdom, Europe, India and China - globally linked

One common vision: To improve effective and timely healing of foot injuries

DARCO Worldwide: USA, Europe, United Kingdom, China, India USA United Kingdom Europe India China


DARCO International, Inc
810 Memorial Boulevard
Huntington, WV 25701
United States of America

Web: http://www.darcointernational.com

2015 commemorated the 30 year anniversary of DARCO International. Dr. Darrel Darby founded the company with a simple wish; to ease the suffering of those who walked through his door. Over the years, DARCO has remained dedicated to being a leading provider of Post-Op, Trauma and Woundcare solutions for the foot and ankle. Streamlining manufacturing and bolstering R&D development were all quick to follow in the dramatic expansion of DARCO International. One thing remains the same, the commitment and dedication to helping people. We're proud to be able to say that "every 9 seconds, somewhere in the world, a DARCO shoe is prescribed".




DARCO (Europe) GmbH
Gewerbegebiet 18
82399 Raisting

German: https://www.darco.de
English: https://www.darco-europe.com
Spanish: https://www.darco-europe.com/es/
French: https://www.darco-europe.com/fr/

DARCO Europe was founded in 1992 and is located in Germany. Our R&D department creates re-defining standards impacting the entire industry. Warehouse capacity continues to grow parallel to the expanding distribution network; now servicing over 30 countries. The marketing team coordinates and develops strategies that unify our corporate identity. DARCO Europe is ISO certified and is actively engaged in manufacturing operations throughout the world. In addition to the Darrel Darby Training Center in Europe to promote education, DARCO also contributes to the community by sponsoring professional associations & disseminating information among diabetic and wound care experts.



United Kingdom:

V-M Orthotics Ltd.
Member of hg DARCO Group

Unit 25
Halesworth Business Centre
Norwich Road
Suffolk IP19 8QJ
United Kingdom

Web: https://www.vmorthotics.co.uk

V-M ORTHOTICS LTD was the first DARCO supplier in the UK and has always been a centre of excellence for DARCO. At the start of 2018 we began developing the distribution centre and today the DARCO UK hub is fully operational. The V-M/DARCO facility in Halesworth now manages the distribution and service to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The new distribution hub in Great Britain has clear and measurable benefits for the region. DARCO will be more engaged in meetings and congresses across the land as well as expanding the portfolio through the launch of new products, improved service and faster delivery times. DARCO strives to strengthen relationships and expand the corporate reach throughout the healthcare system in the UK. The new DARCO enterprise will have the strong support of the worldwide DARCO network.




DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd.
# 32A1B1/A1, First Floor
Vaibhav Complex
Opp to District Court, P. B. Road
Dharwad 580 008, Karnataka

Web: https://www.darco.in

In 2012 DARCO opened the Indian subsidiary in Dharwad, Karnataka; launching quality foot and ankle products to the Indian market. DARCO India provides much needed solutions for the people in this region. DARCO India supports local Indian societies and coordinates key opinion leaders to help circulate valuable information to the people of India. Distribution strategies for this uniquely dynamic country remain a primary focus for DARCO India to reach the people in need. DARCO India is the newest addition to the DARCO worldwide operations and represents a market place with a continued potential for growth.




DARCO International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Room 105, Building 4, No. 535
Shennan Road, Minhang District
201108 Shanghai

Web: http://www.darco-china.com.cn

In 1996 DARCO China doors were open for business in Shanghai. DARCO China established quality control standards which earned the facility ISO certifications 9001 and 13485. DARCO China cooperates closely with foot care professionals specializing in diabetes and woundcare to develop products explicit to the needs of the local market, while at the same time upholding the quality that rests behind the DARCO name. Elaborate distribution channels are in place to meet the increasing demands of the region. Our presence in China is a powerful testament to our longevity.