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Questions and answers on DARCO product launch

Alexandra Panizza, DARCO Editor, in conversation with Katja Eger, Vice President Sales and member of the Management Board, about the new open healing shoe, the Commodus Open®.

Katja Eger, Vice President Sales and member of the Management Board

The decision for new DARCO products is based on targeted developments that meet market demand. This benefits patients' everyday life and provides medical practitioners with more treatment options.

But what does the path from idea to a product that is ready to go into production-involve at DARCO? How do the benefits reach the user?

Alexandra Panizza, DARCO Editor, in conversation with Katja Eger, Vice President Sales and member of the Management Board, about the new open healing shoe, the Commodus Open®.

Why did DARCO decide to launch a new healing shoe?

We listen to the market. And, in this case, the market approached us and expressed the desire for a healing shoe that allows more freedom in treatment than commercial products. After analysing the requirements, we took the first development steps together with foot specialists and, here it is, the Commodus Open®: An ankle-high shoe that holds the rearfoot securely and firmly in the stiffened heel box and, at the same time, offers the greatest possible freedom of fitting in the forefoot area thanks to adjustable hook and loop straps. Highly customisable, light and comfortable.

Then this is why you chose the name "Commodus Open®"?

Yes, we chose this name because it sums up the advantages. In Latin, "commodus" means appropriate, practical and suitable.

With this model, DARCO offers a solution to the problem. For which problem exactly?

Wound care (ulcerations, injuries etc.) in the forefoot area is a great challenge for medical practitioners. Many therapies aim to redistribute pressure in the plantar area, but DARCO already offers many aids for this purpose, such as modular sole systems.

But lateral, dorsal or medial ulcerations are another story. However, these ulcerations also occur frequently. With the Commodus Open®, medical practitioners have the option of individually inserting one, two or three hook and loop straps in the forefoot area or not using any hook and loop straps at all. The hook and loop straps can be freely placed where "hold is required" but "pressure is prohibited". Thus, the shoe can be adapted to the different indications and needs of each patient. Particularly for patients with large dressings where a conventional healing shoe with its closure system reaches its limits.

The new healing shoe has a wide range of applications. Where do you see the greatest potential?

I see the greatest potential of the Commodus Open® through its open design in the treatment of post-operative wounds and lesions located medially at the MTP I joint, laterally at the MTP V joint and in the entire dorsal and plantar forefoot area. It also stabilises the foot and ensures pressure redistribution after surgery or other wounds.

We saw the advantages of the shaft. What kind of sole technology is used?

On the one hand, we relied on the proven concept of the back-shifted ball rocker for even less pressure on the forefoot and, thanks to a slight elevation of the tip, an optimal rolling-off movement. Due to the low sole height, there is also no need for an equalising shoe. On the other hand, the light and shock-absorbing outsole made of abrasion-resistant EVA and the continuously reinforced base of the shoe is of course a "plus". The shoe can be worn on the left and right foot and has the above-mentioned adjustable hook and loop straps. In addition, the Commodus Open® can be supplemented with our proven optional PegAssist® Insole for selective plantar off-loading.

The proven square toe design (generous square cut of the insole) offers additional edge protection.

What do professionals say about the new developement?

Here, I like to quote Lian Stoeldraaijers who accompanied us on part of the development path. "A shoe that gives me the freedom and flexibility I need in treatment." Lian, Podiatrist and Chair of the Dutch Association of Diabetes Podiatrists, assisted us with the development idea. As a specialist in the field of the diabetic foot, Lian deals with complex cases every day. The biggest challenge is to find the right shoe, namely one that can be specifically adapted to the situation and that offers the greatest possible freedom of movement, particularly in the forefoot area. We have implemented this with the Commodus Open®.

Thank you for the informative conversation!

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