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Johannes Hagenmeyer, managing director DARCO (Europe) GmbH As managing director of DARCO (Europe) GmbH, I would like to welcome you personally on our websites. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to helping you.


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DARCO's Philosophy

Research and Development from Experience: Basis for Innovative Products

DARCO's guideline "Innovation in Foot Care Technology" enables us to expand professional knowledge all over the world. A large number of DARCO's training programs and medical works represent modern research providing new and innovative material for physicians and medical experts.

DARCO directly exchanges knowledge and developments with the most experienced foot surgeons due to its strong engagement in the independent Society for Foot and Ankle surgery and as founding member of Woundcare-Circle.

An innovative product calls for surpassing the current level of knowledge. We communicate with leading experts worldwide for intensifying the flow of information on foot surgery by cooperatively collaborating as well as organizing informative events and reference books. Thus, it is possible for us to integrate the latest developments and experiences into our products in order to maintain our solid basis - this is our challenge.

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