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The new mini series from DARCO!

In our new mini-series "about DARCO", we provide you with insights behind the scenes at DARCO. Get to know our work processes and the people behind DARCO better.

Part 2: DARCO Marketing

Part 1: DARCO Product Development

DARCO Mission Statement

DARCO Mission Statement

Always one step ahead! With continuous development, high quality and absolute reliability in each and every cooperation for an optimal range of supply. This is how we leave our mark.

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DARCO combines talent. Our company has grown over many years during which people have contributed their expertise and know-how to the success of DARCO. We work passionately every day to provide intelligent orthopaedic devices with intuitive designs for the best possible patient care.

European Distribution Centre

European Distribution Center

DARCO runs its own logistics network. In Raisting in Bavaria all DARCO products for Europe are stored, picked and dispatched. Our logistics department plans orders and matches them to the needs of our customers. We are known for our responsive and reliable customer service.

There is more on this in the interview with the DARCO (Europe) Logistics Centre

Research and Development

Research and Development

Our Research & Development team focuses on the development of our products and leverages the potential of the international DARCO Group to set new standards with innovative technologies. Specialist physicians, orthopaedic shoe technicians and biomechanical institutes accompany us from the prototype to the finished product, putting every product through rigorous testing and supporting the development process.

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What's more: We are always ready to listen when it comes to suggestions for new products or changes to our product range. Please do not hesitate to contact our Product Development and Quality Assurance department:

Knowledge and Training

Knowledge and Training

An important element of our philosophy is training. Our close collaboration with specialists in foot surgery, medical associations and biomechanical institutes around the world is the basis for ensuring efficiency and the highest quality standards for our products.

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DARCO offers a variety of support for universities, colleges, podiatry schools, medical associations and professional associations. We aim to promote an intensive exchange of experts for the continuous development and improvement of care standards for the foot and ankle.

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As a responsible company, we also assume social accountability.

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1985: In Huntington, West Virginia, Dr. H. Darrel Darby, a practising foot surgeon, developed the "Darby MedSurg" shoe, a postoperative shoe intended to replace the traditional wooden shoes. Innovative sports shoe technology was introduced to postoperative care for the first time with this shoe which had a semi-rigid sole.

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