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DARCO Posterior Splint
Splinting System

The innovative backing splint for many areas of care

Foot, Backing splint: Postoperative positioning, Preoperative support, Immobilisation after an accident, Post-traumatic immobilisation

For use as a post- and preoperative backing splint, for immobilisation following accidents and for post-traumatic immobilisation

The 110° models have been developed for Achilles tendon pathologies (20° plantar flexion).

Colour: White with a blue foam liner

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›  postoperative immobilization and positioning
›  post-traumatic immobilization following injury
›  short-term stabilization (achilles tendon rupture and other ligament ruptures)
›  ankle dislocations, fractures, strains, sprains, etc.


›  postoperative and post-traumatic positioning of the ankle in a defined angle of 90° or 110° (110° model for achilles tendon pathologies)
›  incorporated Velcro® strips prevents slippage and is easy to use with standardized bandages


›  soft PE lining - right or left side
›  anatomically correct contour for an optimized fit
›  light weight yet inherently stable material
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3 sizes with 2 angular positions:

S 90° (265 mm foot length of the splint / 340 mm calf section of the splint)

M 90° (295 mm foot length of the splint / 370 mm calf section of the splint)

L 90° (325 mm foot length of the splint / 400 mm calf section of the splint)

S 110° (265 mm foot length of the splint / 340 mm calf section of the splint)

M 110° (295 mm foot length of the splint / 370 mm calf section of the splint)

L 110° (325 mm foot length of the splint / 400 mm calf section of the splint)

Postoperative positioning. Splinting System Foot Preoperative support, Splinting System Foot Immobilisation after an accident. Splinting System Foot Post-traumatic immobilisation, Splinting System Foot
Postoperative positioning Preoperative support Immobilisation after an accident Post-traumatic immobilisation
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The DARCO Posterior Splint is comprised of a firm plastic shell lined with a soft dense foam. The splint is available in two angular positions (90° and 110°). This allows the caregiver to provide individual stabilization to the patient appropriate to the indication.

The splint is light weight for easy use and anatomically formed to create an optimized fit. At the same time, it is inherently stable without being too rigid.

Velcro® strips along the back of the splint allow for slip-free secure bandaging.

The soft closed-cell foam liner offers the patient a comfortable fit, even when used for longer periods of time.

The DARCO Posterior Splint is a ready-to-use backing splint that can be used in any care phase (even during radiological examinations).

The DARCO Posterior Splint was developed by German foot and ankle surgeons along with orthopedic technicians in order to adapt to the individual needs of patients and health care providers.

Direct postoperative use in the operating room means that tedious plastering or warming and shaping of a splint is no longer required. This dramatically reduces the costly minutes in the post-surgical phase.

The DARCO Posterior Splint is fitted after the surgical wound has been dressed. Placed on the posterior side of the lower leg and then secured with conventional gauze bandages. It is recommended to begin winding the bandage from the plantar aspect of the splint in an upward direction from distal to proximal.

Please note: Under specific situations; patients with a shortened calf muscle, notable Haglund'sdeformity or a posterolateral exostosis, the DARCO Posterior Splint may potentially aggravate the area and cause pressure points.

Want to see the speed in which the DARCO Posterior Splint can be applied?
Visit the below demonstration video.

Note: an inexpensive pad is often used in practice to shield and protect the Splint from bodily fluids.

Tapes Therapeutic Shoes Orthoses Walker Bandages Positioning Devices Insoles

Further Information:

Download: User Manual "DARCO Posterior Splint" (PDF)
Download Flyer: "DARCO Posterior Splint - the innovative backing splint for many areas of care" (PDF)
Download: DARCO Product Catalogue "Orthopaedic Devices and Shoes" (PDF)
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