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HeelWedge Off-loading Shoe HeelWedge®
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Movies Orthopaedic Devices, Orthopedic Shoes - Preventive Care, Postoperative Care, Diabetes and Woundcare, etc
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Body Armor® Night Splint
Splinting System

For plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, ankle contracture, etc.

Night Splint Splinting System
Dorsal Night Splint Splinting System

plantar fasciitis

heel spurs and metatarsalgia

achilles tendonitis and tendonosis

talipes equinus and ankle contracture

2 Sizes: Small (34 - 36), Standard (37 - 47)

Colour: White-Blue

Right and left side

Toe Plate (optional)

Orthopaedic Shoes, Orthopedic devices, Ankle Brace, Orthosis, Tapes


›  shortening of the plantar fascia
›  plantar fasciitis
›  inflammation and weakness of the achilles tendon
›  metatarsalgia
›  equinus and ankle contractures


›  supports proper positioning of the foot at 90° to the leg
›  manual stretching of the plantar fascia (using the windlass mechanism model)


›  fast and easy to don
›  easy to use Velcro® fastener
›  soft material is skin friendly for a comfortable fit
›  can be worn on the right and left
Diabetes, Woundcare, preventive care, ankle orthosis, orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic devices


Body Armor Night Splint Splinting System

The dorsal Night Splint stabilizes the foot and lower leg position at an angle of 90° in order to avoid equines deformity of the foot and to consequently prevent achilles tendon shortening. The toe loop elevates the hallux (dorsal flexion) resulting in a sustained stretch to the plantar fascia. The combination of stretching to the fascia and keeping the position by means of the splint enables various indications to counteract. The adjustable straps are quick and easy to use providing perfect fitting.

Windlass Mechanics - The Key to Plantar Fasciitis Relief:

In 1954, J.H. Hicks described the foot and its ligaments as an arch-like triangle, or truss, formed by the calcaneus, midtarsal joint and metatarsals. Dorsiflexion of the hallux winds the plantar fascia around the head of the metatarsal causing an effective stretch of the plantar fascia and shortens the distance between the calcaneus and metatarsals to elevate the medial longitudinal arch. As we now know, the active application of a controlled and dynamic stretch to the plantar fascia itself is the key to plantar fasciitis relief.

Orthopedy, orthopedics, podiatry, devices and shoes

Compatible with:

Toe Plate for Body Armor Night Splint Splinting System
to stretch the plantar foot flexor group through positioning of all five toes

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Nachtschiene für Fersensporn (Fasciitis Plantaris)

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