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Bungee Wrist Splint
Wrist Splint

Wrist Splint for injuries, mild sprains and strains. For tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, carpoptosis, wrist drop and rheumatoid arthritis.

Wrist Splint for carpal tunnel syndrome, carpoptosis, wrist drop and rheumatoid arthritis

5 Sizes (Wrist circumference):

XS (13 - 16 cm), S (16 - 19 cm), M (19 - 21 cm)
L (21 - 23 cm), XL (23 - 26 cm)

Available in left and right versions

Colour: black

The length for all sizes is 20 cm

Orthopaedic Shoes, Orthopedic devices, Ankle Brace, Orthosis, Tapes


›  wrist injuries, mild sprains and strains
›  tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tenosynovitis
›  for wrist drop and rheumatoid arthritis


›  immobilization by means of an integrated metal plate in the splint, extending to the palm area of the hand


›  right version and left version available
›  designed to ensure optimum freedom for moving the fingers
›  easy to use Velcro® fastener
Diabetes, Woundcare, preventive care, ankle orthosis, orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic devices


Wrist Splint for carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis

Eight elastic rubber bands are bundled by a velcro® strap ensuring high compression, a perfect fit as well as a smooth and easy use of this wrist splint.

The metal plate, which is worked into the splint and extends to the palm area of the hand, enables a total immobilization of the wrist. The part of the hand subsequent to the palm area allows an almost unrestrictedly movement of the fingers. Padded inner lining, perforated velour outside and elastic rubber bands provide the Bungee Wrist Splint with a comfortable fit. A dorsally applied cotton liner prevents the rubber bands from directly touching the skin.

The bungee closure system enables a quick and easy application of this wrist splint by oneself.

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