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AirTraveler Walker
Stabilizing Orthosis

Extra compression via air bladders for immobilisation of the ankle joint

AirTraveler Walker Stabilizing Orthosis

for ruptures and ankle injuries

5 Sizes: XS (up to 36), S (37 – 38), M (39 – 41),
L (42 – 44), XL (45 – 47)

Colour: Black with an blue liner

in high and low version available

Orthopaedic Shoes, Orthopedic devices, Ankle Brace, Orthosis, Tapes


›  acute treatment of sprains of the ankle joint
›  effective adjustable compression against swelling
›  injuries of the superficial tissue of the lower leg
›  fractures of the foot and ankle joint
›  stress fractures
fractures of the metatarsal bones
achilles tendon injuries
forefoot, midfoot and heel injuries


›  stabilization & immobilization of the ankle joint
›  internal air bladder for compression fitting of the ankle joint
›  prevents rotation, supination and pronation


›  available in a high and low version
›  can be worn on the right and left
Diabetes, Woundcare, preventive care, ankle orthosis, orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic devices


AirTraveler Walker Stabilizing Orthosis in use

The AirTraveler is an economical, pneumatic walker. In comparison with the FXPro Walker , the AirTraveler Walker ensures more compression with the circumferential air bladders. Posterior flow restrictor channels forward the air for the greatest immobilizing effect.

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