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Stability, shock absorption and pressure redistribution after foot surgery
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Orthopedic devices and shoes

Preventive, Postoperative as well as for Diabetic and Trauma Care

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Our Product Groups

Postoperative, Trauma, Diabetic- and Wound Care

Postoperative Care: After foot surgery or foot injuries as well as in case of problems problems due to malpositions the question for the "right shoe" comes up. DARCO, one of the worldwide leaders for Postoperative shoes, Diabetes, Off-loading, wound care shoes and Castboots, DARCO is internationally represented at most hospitals, surgical centres and specific foot surgery centres. Our product range also includes bandages for stabilization and preventive care.

Find additional information on our product site about postoperative care

Trauma Care: Almost 25% of our bones are located in our feet. This is the reason for ruptures, sprains and fractures being the most common injuries. DARCO has thus launched a special product line meeting the needs of every single patient in an individual and perfect way.

Find additional information on our product site about trauma care

Diabetes, Off-loading and Wound Care: Pressure points and foot ulcers occur most frequently with diabetes and present a great challenge in healing and offloading sensitive feet. DARCO therefore especially focuses on Diabetes, off-loading and Wound Care. Our devices help to prevent the development of wounds and ulcers as well as to encourage and fasten the healing process of existing wounds.

Find additional information on our product site about diabetic and wound care

Foot and Ankle Products by DARCO - We always have an open ear for your ideas!"It's always the simplest
ideas that have extraordinary success."

(Leo Tolstoy)

Stagnation means regression.
We never stand still!

Foot and ankle and their treatment are complex issues. We always have an open ear when it comes to suggestions for new products or modifications to our existing range. Already many DARCO products found their start due to an idea of a doctor or orthopaedic technician.

Do not hesitate to contact our expert for development and chief inventor, Thomas Dietrich, if you feel you have something interesting for us.

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Orthopedic devices and shoes by DARCO
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DARCO products are available for Postoperative Care, Trauma Care, Diabetes and Woundcare, Insole Systems and Accessoires, Sports and Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Kids Care - and brand new: MECRON by DARCO Splints and Bandages!

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