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DARCO OrthoWedge Off-loading shoe DARCO OrthoWedge Off-loading shoe
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Woundcare-Circle - Get pressure ulcers under controlHeelift
Suspension Boot

For prevention and healing of open wounds and decubitus

prevention and healing of open wounds and decubitus

2 types of foam available:
convoluted (Standard) and smooth

Colour: Beige

right and left fit

Heelift Suspension Boot. Anti-Dekubitus at Heel. Boot, Device for prevention and healing of open wounds Heelift Standard (convoluted)

2 Sizes (calf circumference):

Petite (15 – 25 cm)
Normal (20 – 36 cm)

The Heelift Standard is for nonedematous legs or patients who prefer a slightly cooler boot. Made from soft medical grade foam with a convoluted design, the original Heelift effectively removes pressure from the heel, preventing heel sores, pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers from forming.

Heelift Smooth is the soft version of the heel system Heelift Smooth

3 Sizes (calf circumference):

Petite (15 – 25 cm)
Normal (20 – 36 cm)
Bariatric (30 – 58 cm)

The Heelift Smooth is the soft version of the heel system. Made from soft, firm, medical grade foam with a smooth surface. This Heelift-Version is recommended especially for diabetic patients

The Heelift AFO can be washed safely in the enclosed laundry bag at 60°C and can be autoclaved for sterility.

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