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Products for the Foot:
Body Armor® Cast Shoe - Cast Boot
SlimLine® Cast Boot
AllRound Shoe® Closed long-term Healing Shoe
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Body Armor® Sleeve Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve
Body Armor® Stirrup Acute Ankle Brace
Body Armor® Vario Ankle Brace
Body Armor® Active Ankle Brace
Body Armor® Embrace Ankle Brace
Body Armor® Ankle Flex Ankle Bandage
Web Ankle Brace Ankle Bandage
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Body Armor® Walker II Cast Replacement
FXPro Walker Stabilizing Orthosis
AirTraveler Walker Stabilizing Orthosis
Positioning Splints:
DARCO Posterior Splint Splinting System
Heelift® Traction Boot - Extension Boot
NightSplint® Splinting System
Products for the Knee:
MECRON Knee 3-part - Universal Knee Brace
MECRON Knee Flexion - Knee Splint 20° Flexion
MECRON Knee Straight - Straight Knee Brace
MECRON Knee Clinical - Knee Splint for Clinical Use
MECRON Knee Pediatric - Knee Splint for Children
Products for the Torso:
MECRON Belt Thorax and Abdominal Bandage
MECRON Hip-Spica Bandage
MECRON Hip-Compression Stabilization Bandage
Products for the Shoulder to the Hand:
MECRON Shoulder Classic - Shoulder Bandage
MECRON Shoulder Universal - Shoulder Bandage
MECRON Shoulder Neopren - Shoulder Bandage
MECRON Elbow Splint
MECRON Wrist Guard
Bungee Wrist Splint
Elastic Tapes for Kinesiology:
MECRON Elastic Tape for Kinesiology
MECRON Elastic Tape Strong for Kinesiology
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MECRON Standard Tape - Non-elastic Athletic Tape
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Coolaris® - Elastic Zinc-paste Cooling Bandage

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Woundcare-Circle - Get pressure ulcers under controlHeelift® Glide
Suspension Boot

For prevention and healing of open wounds and decubitus

prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus

For the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus

Diabetes with neurological sensory deficit

Prolonged immobility or coma

2 types of foam available: convoluted (Standard) and smooth

Colour: red

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›  prevention and the healing of heel pressure ulcers
›  patients suffering from large / small vessel disease
›  diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus
›  braden pressure-sore risk scale of 17 points or less
›  sedentary diabetic patients with neurological sensory deficit
›  foot pulse not palpable
›  prolonged immobility or coma


›  economical prevention strategy for high risk or sedentary patients
›  active off-loading of the heel for the bed-ridden patient with a microclimate friendly material
›  effective off-loading for the healing of heel pressure ulcers


›  friendly tricot backing aids mobility and safety
›  2 types of foam interior available: convoluted (standard) or smooth
›  can be washed (60°C) or autoclaved for sterility
internal pad completely suspends heel
›  ventilation holes for increase comfort
easy on – easy off
›  can be worn on right or left foot
the external soft, smooth nylon “moves on the sheets and not on the feet”
forefoot strap for additional support
Diabetes, Woundcare, preventive care, ankle orthosis, orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic devices


The Heelift® Glide Suspension Boot provides effective pressure relief in the heel area and also prevents heel ulcers. We incorporated feedback from doctors and patients into the development of the Heelift® Glide so that the resultant suspension boot features all of the desired criteria.

Why is the Heelift® Glide so unique? A soft, smooth fabric cover allows the leg to "glide" from one side to the other so that it does not get caught on the bed sheet or cover. An additional forefoot strap secures the foot and helps support the forefoot.

Two types of foam:

prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus  

Heelift® Glide Standard

patent protected

2 Sizes (calf circumference):

Petite (15 - 25 cm)
Normal (20 - 36 cm)

The standard version of the special foam material construction allows better air circulation. The attached nubs provide a pleasant cooling effect.

prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus  

Heelift® Glide Smooth

patent protected

3 Sizes (calf circumference):

Petite (15 - 25 cm)
Normal (20 - 36 cm)
Bariatric (30 - 58 cm)

The smooth foam material was developed especially for patients with sensitive skin. This helps prevent the formation of oedema. This version is recommended for diabetic patients.

The Heelift® Glide can be washed safely in the enclosed laundry bag at 60°C and can be autoclaved for sterility.

Visit our product demonstration video:

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Further Information:

Download: User Manual "Heelift® Glide Suspension Boot" (PDF)
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Download: Decision Tree "Heel Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment" (PDF)
Download: Flyer "Heelift® Off-loading Boot in 3 Versions" (PDF)
Download: Poster "Sizing and Customization of Heelift® Boots" (PDF)
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